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24th Feb 2008 - Chaser Carnival at Zheng Hua CC


The carnival was held to gauge the response to the Archery Game. Simple games were organised to let the participant, mainly children age 10 to 14, to try out the handling of the bow and arrow. Overall the size of the bow was not too small to be labeled a children toy. The adults were also indulging into the fun shooting atmosphere.  The tension of the string was reasonable to propel a plastic arrow to about 6m relatively accurately. However for the virtual Bow, the tension will be reduce even further to keep the safety level in check.

26th Mar 2008 - First Public Demo of the game software at Co-space event

The first public demonstration of the Virtual Archery Game was at the Co-space event organised by IDA. The demo version of the game software, a 100m shooting range, was relatively well received. The bow and arrow hardware work according to the design intend. Useful feedback were noted which will help to fine-tune the finish product. Several prospective enquiries were also established which hopefully can help the product realized its objective .

10th April 2008 -   Virtual Archery available by June 2008

Trajectory long range shooting game screen preview.

Mid May 2008- Deca Sports for Nintendo Wii


Deca sports, available in mid May 08, contains ten sports. One of them is an Archery Game where our ChaserBow will function accordingly.



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