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News Update

Initial setup

Chaserbow will initially be available on the PCs platform. All you geeks out there will have your stuff before the console guys get it. You will need your bluetooth adaptor to sync with the Wii remote. The sensor bar from Wii will not connect directly to your PC. The geeks should have no problem to find a suitable infrared led setup to calibrate the aiming sight.  

The Bow is plastic molded to give a feel of realism but also design to stay within the safety limits. The arrow will not fly off but is secured to the bow and act as a guiding rod. The tension of the string is much reduced again in the name of safety. The shooter pulls on a finger grip device which slide along the arrow. When pull to the end, the arrow will activate the Wii remote and maintain the tension. Upon release, the finger pull device will propel forward along the arrow shaft and will be stop by the main string of the Bow.  

The initial controller casing securing the Wii remote are handcrafted as the design is still evolving. The intention is to be as light weight as possible to reduce the strain on the shooter. Even though it is plastic, after continuous shooting, the arm will feel very heavy. Great for building biceps. 

The bundled game is a long distance trajectory shooting range. This should differentiate itself from the normal direct shooting game out there. The slight degree of difficulty as compared to direct shooting game should prove quite a challenge to the novice as well as the ardent archer. After some practice and adjustment to the correct aiming spot the bullseye should be in sight. 

The second game in the making is shooting at stars. This should be great for those good in solving puzzles. The objective is to line up the stars in the fastest time to show what objects or subjects they represent. Little Dipper or Big Dipper.....